Lithuanian Conference 'Psychologists and inclusive education'

Summary of the Conference „Psychologists and inclusive education“ in Lithuania
by Ala Petrulyte
2013 March 22 the Lithuanian Psychological Association, Educational Psychology commitee and the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education and  the Education Development Center, "Creative Partnerships"  projects representatives organized the IVth International scientific - practical psychologists conference under the title "Psychologists and inclusive education" at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius.
Global meetings have become a tradition for Lithuanian Psychologists working in the field of education. Each year best practice examples, relevant issues, innovations and job –related questions are on the agenda of these conferences.
The chairwoman of the Educational Psychology Committee, Ala Petrulytė, added the relevant and practical context to the conference. LPS president Evaldas Kazlauskas, Vice-Rector  Vytautas Bernotas LEU said the greeting words. The conference followed rather an approach of applied psychology. Various interesting methods have been presented in hands-on workshops, which were a valuable and applicable contribution for those, working in the field of education. A so-called "creative workshop" presented best practice examples, which initiated vivid debates. About 90 school psychologists from all over Lithuania participated in the offered workshops.
Special thanks go to the guests from abroad: I. Rabsha, T. Nesteruk, А. Petrovska (Latvia), Prof.. M. Stueck (Germany) as well as to Lithuanian colleagues Ž. Arlauskaite E. Karmaza, S. Dirgėlienė, D. Normantaite. Thanks go also to colleagues, special needs teachers and educationists, who shared valuable best practice examples and personal points of view on inclusive education. Various aspects of inclusive education have been debated: tolerance, mutual relationship in inclusive education context; students' creativity development; methods of special education for children in need; the bio-feedback approach in reducing psycho-emotional stress in students and their parents; cooperation among teachers and psychologists in the inclusive education, the method of biodanza - the dance of life a.o.
The feed-back of the conference participants showed that this scientific - practical conference responded to the professional needs of psychologists in practice. It was evident from the conference results that psychology of education is evolving rapidly with an increasing number of new services and increasing collaboration with colleagues and other professionals in Lithuania and abroad.