N.E.P.E.S. Questionnaire

N.E.P.E.S. Questionnaire 2010 about psychologists in the educational system across Europe

Dear concerned,

We appreciate your assistance in completing and returning this questionnaire. You are being kindly asked to provide information about psychologists working in the educational system, providing among others counselling and guidance for school communities, in service training for teaching staff, psychological and educational assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies with children experiencing academic, social, and emotional problems at school. As the titles assigned to these professionals differ between European countries, they will be referred to as school psychologists (SP) in this questionnaire.

We have attempted to develop a questionnaire that may be completed in all EU Member States. Thus, there may be some questions or response options that are “not applicable” to SPs in your country, please indicate NA for such questions.

Thank you for your time and effort in providing this important information. Please return the completed survey to the address below until 1. March 2010.

Marianne Kant-Schaps (Chair of N.E.P.E.S.)

Return Address
European Federation of Psychologist Associations
-Network of Psychologists in the Educational System N.E.P.E.S.-
Grasmarkt 108/15
B- 1000 Brussels

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