Who is a Psychologist in ES

This space is dedicated to the development of a European description of what is a 'Psychologist in the Education System'. What are typical professional acts, how is the position in relation to other professionals, what is a typical status, how does the optimal qualification look like, what kind of optimal legal regulations exist etc.?

Please have a look at the N.E.P.E.S. presentation of 'The role of Psychologists in the Education System' at the Cross Policy Workshop of the European Commission for Mental Health Strategies in the sector of youth and education in 2007 attached on this page or on the description of an official UK graduate careers website on educational psychologists. Also interesting is the result you get looking for 'Educational Psychologist' on the Eurydice Website, which is the official Information Network on Education in Europe. Please find here what a European Citizen learns about our profession.

It would be interesting to learn about your job description. Thus we propose to start a collection of model contracts for psychologists in the education system in order to develop a reference frame of optimal working conditions.

We are looking forward to your contributions, comments, ideas, examples, proposals!
Danish school psychologists contributed first. Read more....

You might also be interested in a study of the University of Liège/Belgium(2008) by Prof. I. Hansez,Virginie Côte & Marie Mormont on 'The profession of psychologists', which is related to the process of the adaptation of the EU Directive 36/EC/2005 on the recognition of professional qualification into national law. The task was to
1) Identify psychological services and acts or work experience
2) Identify the academic curriculum or educational background of Belgian
3) Give an overview of the legal measures for health and consumer protection.


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