National Representatives - N.E.P.E.S. 2013-2015

Luise Hollerer 2012
Clinical and Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist: Children / Youth and their families Teaching and research-work: Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Graz, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz;Advanced Training for Clinical Psychologists, Early Childhood - Department, BÖP, international Research focus: Transition Neuroscience – and child development Social and emotional deveopment.

Marianne is a German School and Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Psychotherapist and Teacher working in Belgium. Her main interest is the development of a respectful and high quality learning environment in Europe in the best interest of children and adolescents. She believes that school psychologists are a key factor on this road. On her initiative N.E.P.E.S. was founded in 2007.



Monica  is a full time Assistant Professor at  the European University Cyprus (EUC). Dr. Shiakou obtained her Ph.D in 2007 in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Birkbeck University of London. Prior to obtaining a Ph.D, she trained at the Anna Freud Centre (U.K) were she received an M.Sc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology from U.C.L in 2003. In 2002 she graduated from Sheffield University with a B.Sc in Psychology. Her research interests are in the field of developmentally appropriate teaching practices, children’s play in education, bullying and parenting styles. Besides her academic post Dr. Shiakou is a licensed Educational Psychologist in Cyprus and works therapeutically with children in private practice.  She is also a member of the council board of the Cyprus Psychologists Association. Dr. Shiakou is an active member of the Cyprus Diabetic Association and Hope for Children organization. Currently she is running the “Beat Bullying” campaign designed to raise awareness on the phenomenon that is flooding Greek/Cypriot school.


 Bohumíra is Associated Professor at the Masaryk University,Faculty of Arts, Department of Educational Sciences. She lectures and runs seminars in Educational Psychology for teachers and trainers. She is  experienced in counselling, school psychology and psychotherapy. The main topics of her professional interest are: psychology in teacher education, psychology in school management - teachers' cooperation, staff development, school counselling and school psychology. She publishes and carries on research in the mentioned areas and she works as a lecturer, facilitator and collaborator in many projects.

Poul Skaarup Jensen
Poul Skaarup Jensen is psychologist and leader of a Pedagogical-Psychological advising department (PPR) in a Danish municipality. PPR is a part of the school department and deals with school psychology service, welfare and health service for children in the age 0 - 18 years. His main interest is working with organisation/organisations, the living and learning environments for children. He is inspired by the "Self-psychological" approach and participates in the implementation of this thinking in schools and institutions.

DEAN MC DONNELL, EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Students Associations)



is a School Psychologist near LILLE (north of France). She has been practising since 1998 after she passed the DEPS the same year and obtained the Psychology Licence in 1995. Previously, she was a teacher in France then worked in french schools in the Republic of Ireland and in London during 11 years. Passionate about this profession, she is very much involved in AFPEN (French Association of Psychologists in Educational System) where she works to build the recognition of School Psychologists. She would like to have the same commitment in NEPES at a European level. Presently she is vice présidente de l'AFPEN, désignée par la FFPP, membre de l'EFPA.


At the moment Annarilla works as a project researcher and a teacher in the Department of Psychology, University of Turku. She is preparing her doctoral thesis on promotion and prevention in preschool and primary school. Her main interests in the field of school psychology and multiprofessional student welfare work are consultation, promotion and prevention. She feels that psychologists in the educational systems should not concentrate only on individual students and their families, but should also work with school adults, systems, and organizations. After completing her Master's studies in psychology in 2000, she worked as a school psychologist in basic education in Turku, Finland (2001 - 2012). She has a specialist degree in developmental psychology. She has been a member of the committee of school psychologists of The Finnish Psychological Association from 2005, and I have been the chair of this committee since 2009.

Since 1998 Susanne is working as a school psychologist. She is the deputy director of a psychological guidance centre for school, family and youth in Paderborn/Germany.  She has profound experience in teacher training concerning communication, councelling, crisis intervention, classroom management and teachers` health. She is also working as a supervisor for school heads and teachers. She strives for supporting constructive relationships among children, parents and teachers and for achieving the best personal and educational development of the student.  She is convinced of the potential impact  of school psychologists on a positive school development.




Jelena is the representative of LPPA. She worked in the Crisis Centre of Psychological Support for 5 years. She has been working as a school psychologist in Daugavpils Secondary School No.9 since 1997. Her interest area in research is neurophysiology and self-control by biofeedback method.


Ala is Associated Professor of the Social Sciences in the Didactics of Psychology Department at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences; Chairperson of the Committee of Educational Psychology of the Lithuanian Psychological Association; consultant in the Teacher  Qualification Improvement Institute of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.
She has published more than 70 books related to psychology. Her research interests are psychology of creativity, of adolescence, as well as social psychology and psychological health.

Educational psychologist / career guidance counsellor / systemic family therapist

- graduated in psychology at the University of Montpellier, France in 1978;
- trained as a systemic family therapist in 1994.
- 1978-1989: working as a psychologist in the ‘Service for Educational Psychology and Guidance’ of a secondary school (technical/vocational stream) in Luxembourg and member of the Commission for Psychology and Educational Sciences dealing with primary school pupils;
- 1989-2007: working as a psychologist in the ‘Service for Educational Psychology and Guidance’ of a secondary school (academic stream) in Luxembourg
_ Psychology teacher at the Teacher Training College of the University of Luxembourg; - since October 2007: acting director of the Centre for Educational Psychology and Guidance of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training;


Margreet  is school psychologist in a secondary school in the Netherlands. She is member of the NIP Crisis Intervention Network for Schoolpsychologists. And she has completed the 2 year Postmaster Schoolpsychologist Program at RINO Amsterdam.

 Education: Psychologist in 1986. Law-studies 2001/02 Work: Leader of
childcare, school psychology service, social welfare and health services
for children 0 – 18 in my municipality.Organisational work: Leader of
Forum for psykologer I kommuner/ fylkeskommuner, which includes all
school psychologists in Norway.





Laura Bochis
Laura is a full time Assistant Professor, PhD at the University of Oradea, Department of Sciences of Education, teaching: Psycho-pedagogy of intellectual disabilities, Education and methodology of intellectual disabilities, Didactics of special education, Theory of education. She worked as a speech therapist and psycho-diagnostician (2004-2013) in special education at the Centre for Inclusive Education No. 1 of Oradea. In this capacity Laura assessed children with special educational needs and intervened in oral and written language disorders. She also designed and implemented personalized intervention plans for children with different types of disabilities in schools. In 2012 she developed and defended her PhD thesis entitled 'Program of Rational Emotive and Behavioral Education. Applications in primary school'. This was a research conducted for promoting pro-social behavior in children and for developing an intervention program including recommendations and models for teachers’activity with children in school. Professional memberships: Representative in National Convention on College of Psychologists, Romania, 2013-2017 mandate.



Eva works at the Faculty of Psychology of the Pan European University in Bratislava/Slovak Republic. She is responsible for the initial education of School Psychologists (bachelor, master, doctorate).She also works as a School Psychologist in a Private Elementary School for pupils with learning and behavior problems. She is interested in the training of Psychologists in the Educational system across Europe, in the possibility to implement the Europsy Diploma for Slovak School Psychologists, in new psychodiagnostical methods and interventions of school psychologist. She thinks that the "Open Heart“ is the most important task of School Psychologists.


1986 B. Sc. in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, specialisated in Family counselling and Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapy. Bozena is the representative of the Slovenian Psychologists Association  as a chairperson of the Section of Psychologists in Education since 2009. She is working as a pre-school  counsellor – Psychologist in a Public Kindergarten Najdihojca Ljubljana, Slovenia since 1994.
Main present working area: Early intervention and Inclusive education for children with special developemental and educational needs, lectures for preschool, school professionals and parents,  different innovative projects in kindergartens and schools (Child porfolio, inclusion, prevention) as a consultant of The National Education Institute, a Tutor and a mentor for students from Department of Psychology (supervised practice, graduate work) .
Professional memberships: A member of the executive committe at Slovenian Psychologists Association (SPA), a coordinator of mentors for supervised practice (Psychology in Education) and a member of Slovenian NAC (National Accreditation Committee for EuroPsy).


Andrey Podolskiy
Andrey is head of the Department of Developmental Psychology at the State University Moskow, where he is working since 1970. One of his main research interests is educational and instructional psychology including teachers’ and parents’ psychological competence. He is a member of several scientific societies including the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI) and the  European Association for Research in Adolescence (EARA), where he acts as National Correspondent for Russia.


Josep Vilajoana Celaya is a Catalan/Spanish psychologist in the clinical, social, counselling and coaching area. Working in Barcelona, Spain.
In addition, he has been working as a teacher and tutor at different universities and educational entities.
Presently he is de Dean of the Official Society of Psychologists of Catalonia as well as the Vice President of the board general of directors of Psychology in Spain. He is also a member of many entities and societies related to different fields in psychology.
In addition he is the vice president of the foundation called Psicofundación and honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.
He has also published many Works and articles and has participated in a number of congresses, conferences and television programmes, among others.


Elinor Schad is a licensed psychologist who works as a teacher and researcher in the department of psychology at Lund University. She has a background as a school psychologist and continuously advises practicing school psychologists and supervises psychologists doing their residencies in schools. She is also involved in the specialist training in educational psychology both on an administrational level, as a member of the committee on educational psychology, and as a teacher in one of the specialist courses for school psychologists. During 2014, a new edition of her anthology on school psychology will be published. She likes to write articles about school psychology and preschool issues related to the development of young children. Elinor Schad served as the president for Psifos – the professional association for preschool and school psychologists in Sweden during 2009-2012. You can contact her through her website: