In September 2006 Marianne Kant-Schaps presented the project of a European Federation for School Psychologists on the 17th Annual Federal Conference of School Psychologists in Cologne/Germany. The BDP's division of school psychology as well as many colleagues supported the idea resulting in a resolution (at the bottom of this page) proposing the creation of such a European organization. Despite positive attitude some national psychology associations feared that a European structure of School Psychologists could weaken EFPA and insisted on a project, which is compatible with EFPA policies.

Tuomo Tikkanen

Tuomo Tikkanen, past president of EFPA, invited in February 2007 a Pilot group for this project to Brussels. Seven representatives of member organizations of Psychologists in the Educational System were present. Mr. Tikkanen presented then the organisation and possbile regulations of N.E.P.E.S. to EFPA. He pointed out that N.E.P.E.S. is meant to build a strong link between National Member Organisations of Psychologists in the Educational System, EFPA and ISPA.

In April the Board of EFPA presidents agreed on the proposal of the pilot group to create a European Network for Psychologists in the Educational System, which is administratively a lighter structure than a Federation, under the roof of EFPA in order to keep the unity of the profession.

They invited the EFPA Member Organisations to nominate a Representative for N.E.P.E.S.. 16 Member organisations nominated N.E.P.E.S. Representatives (NL, CZ, SW, DK, G, FIN, CH, NOR, HEL, GER, SK, F, LITH, LUX, AUSTRIA, BE), who met at the EFPA Congress in Prague 2007. 9 Representatives were elected as the Steering Committee. This was the foundation of N.E.P.E.S. at the 10th European Congress of Psychologists in Prague, 6th of July 2007. N.E.P.E.S. has then been presented at the ISPA Conference July 2007 in Tampere. ISPA also decided to participate as a member in the N.E.P.E.S. Steering Committee. ISPA President Helen Bakker has been designated to represent ISPA within N.E.P.E.S.

The Steering Committee of N.E.P.E.S. based its work on the efficient results of the EFPA Task Force Group Psychologists in the Educational System ( please read their reports at the bottom of this page) and developped during the first 9 months a draft of regulations, which needed to be approved by the EFPA General Assembly 2009 in Oslo.

July 2009 the EFPA General Assembly accepted N.E.P.E.S. as an EFPA Task Force.

July 2011 the EFPA General Assembly accepted N.E.P.E.S. as Steering Committee Psychology in Education.

This structure is still at the beginning of its development and will be modified and adapted according to the needs. The development will certainly meet over time hurdles and barriers, but it is a chance to 'profile our profession one floor higher'.

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